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CRL has a wealth of experience in and knowledge of the commercial development and use of SRC as an energy crop. We can provide advice and practical support every step of the way from land preparation and planting through crop management to harvesting and delivery. Our background is firmly rooted in the agricultural industry. As working members of the farming community we understand the challenges the industry faces. This is why we are ideally placed to provide farmers and landowners with the support they need.

Our primary aim is to share both our good practice and our unrivalled experience in SRC production and development to drive down costs and improve margins whilst at the same time increasing agronomic efficiency and crop performance. Over the past 13 years we have forged strong links and good working relationships with many organisations, including major UK power stations, utility and waste management companies to develop outlets for harvested SRC or to utilise the crop for land reclamation. We are dedicated to the ongoing success of SRC as an energy crop and we will continue to assist growers to supply high quality renewable fuel to a diverse range of end-users, both large and small.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • All aspects of SRC crop agronomy:
  • Advice on choice and suitability of proposed sites
  • Land preparation
  • Supply of cuttings
  • Contract planting and cutting back
  • Supply of appropriate agro-chemicals
  • On-going crop management
  • Direct-chip harvesting
  • Wood chip storage
  • Wood chip to pellet production
  • Supply and delivery of wood chip and pellets
  • Miscanthus planting
  • Feasibility studies for small-scale biomass heat and/or power systems
  • Long-term contracts for SRC supply
  • Bioremediation using energy crops
  • Advice on grant applications
  • Engineering and the development, manufacture and supply of specialist machinery


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