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Here are some details of the larger biomass markets now open to farmers and landowners.  If you are interested in receiving further information please contact us

Sembcorp biomass power station, Teesside

Using 300,000 tonnes of wood annually as fuel, the Sembcorp biomass power station is one of the UK's largest biomass renewable energy projects and has been generating 30MW of electricity since October 2007.  55,000 tonnes of wood chip from SRC is needed as part of the fuel mix so this provides an ideal market for farmers and landowners in the north east of England who wish to grow the crop.  

The catchment for SRC growers covers North Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland. For more information please contact:



Drax biomass co-firing, North Yorkshire and surrounding counties - CRL have a contract to supply energy crops to Drax Power Ltd.

CRL signed a contract with Drax Power Ltd in December 2005 to supply energy crops as biomass fuel for co-firing at the largest coal-fired power station in the country. As one of the power station’s suppliers, CRL will be play a role in helping Drax establish effective alternative fuel technologies for electricity generation. Drax, which currently supplies around 7% of the UK’s electricity needs, has made a firm commitment to blend and burn purpose-grown energy crops with coal to fuel the North Yorkshire power station. By using these crops it aims to make a significant contribution towards the Government’s target for 2010 of 10% of electricity supply coming from renewable sources. Farmers and landowners within a 50-mile radius of Drax wishing to have further information on growing energy crops for the power station should contact





TV Bioenergy, an SRC Producer Group covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey - CRL are members of the Group and carry out the SRC planting and harvesting on behalf of the other members.

Thames Valley Bioenergy Coppice, a subsidiary of TV Energy, was launched in December 2003 and is a producer group set up
under Defra’s Energy Crop Scheme. Producer groups are legally established co-operatives of SRC growers who work together to harvest and supply their crop, after processing and storage if necessary, to one or more energy end-users.  TV Energy is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to promote, educate and deliver practical sustainable energy solutions to business, organisations, communities and individuals within the Thames Valley and beyond, CRL is a member of the producer group and carries out the planting and harvesting of the crop on behalf of the growers. Farmers and landowners in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northern Hampshire and Surrey wishing to have further information on growing SRC with TV Bioenergy should contact




Scottish BioFuel want SRC for co-firing in central and south-east Scotland - CRL carry out the SRC planting and harvesting.

Scottish BioFuel Ltd, part of Infinis Ltd, are intending to supply biomass fuel to co-firing power stations in Scotland as well as building their own dedicated biomass power plants with the first at Glenrothes in Fife and others planned for South West Scotland. The long-term SRC requirements of the company to meet this biomass demand are in excess of 167,000ha, all within Scotland. CRL assists Scottish BioFuel by planting and harvesting SRC on behalf of the growers using appropriate willow varieties for Scottish conditions. Farmers and landowners in Scotland wishing to have further information on growing SRC for Scottish BioFuel should contact

If you would like information on growing energy crops for any of the above markets please follow the link or contact


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