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Research and Development

One of our biggest strengths is our commitment to the continuing development of SRC crops. Over the years CRL has looked at ways of revolutionising the processes involved in SRC agronomy. We have designed and built specialist machinery for cutback, sludge application, weed control and harvesting and have also improved the performance of planters.

The CRL SRC direct-chip harvester produces a significant commercial output (up to 450 fresh tonnes of chip per day)with a range of chip sizes (5 to 50mm) and is also capable of dealing with over-sized crop (up to 15cm diameter).  The original mechanical header has now been superseded by a more flexible hydraulic header which has now been fitted to various makes of forage harvester.

We have undertaken trials on husbandry techniques, weed and disease control on commercial scale plantations and have also carried out storage trials on wood chip to ensure both safe and efficient means of managing and naturally drying large-scale stacks.

We are dedicated to making improvements through innovation and have been involved with a number of R&D projects.

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